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How do you run a business without invoices? No. Not possible. If you own a business or work as a freelancer, you can understand the importance of invoicing. You have to invoice your customers and clients to acknowledge the amount due and get it cleared. This helps to reduce any further discrepancies, but many entrepreneurs find invoicing a tedious task and want it to be done without any manual efforts. So, online software such as invoice generators helps to make his process more simple and straightforward. In the blog, we will read more about invoice generators and how to create an invoice with the software.

What is Invoice Generator?

Invoices serve as proof of payments from clients for products and services offered. It can be a painstaking and redundant task to track every transaction and quote it in an invoice. Hence, few online software and apps aid in generating invoices and reducing manual efforts. WeInvoice’s invoice generator is one such online software which helps you compose customized invoices, enter the amount of product/service offered and send it to the client. The platform allows you to send the invoice over email, download it as a PDF for attachment or send a link to your invoice.

Benefits of Using an Invoice Generator?

Below listed are few benefits of using an invoice generator:

1.Reduce efforts

If you access WeInvoice’s invoice generator for the first time, you will see a blank invoice with few columns. Fill in all the important information such as Name of Business, Invoice no., Name of Product and Service etcetera. The app will use the information for future reference, and when you are seeking to send the invoice next time, it will retrieve the necessary details. This will help you save a lot of time and efforts instead of entering your details every time you send an email.

2.Customized Format

The invoice generator has a predefined format. But does that mean you can't edit it or customize for every client? Yes, absolutely. You can edit the headings and eliminate unnecessary details. This will avoid any further discrepancies or confusion.

3.Share your invoice online

Are you stressed about sending a hard-copy of your invoice? Don't fret. WeInvoice’s invoice generator helps you send an invoice via email directly, or you can download it in a PDF format for attachment or copy the link of your invoice and send it to your customer/client.

The other benefit of generating invoice with this software is the view which gets adjusted to both mobile and desktop screen. You don't have to piss off your client or customer for a reminder as the software does the awkward billing job automatically for you.

How to generate an invoice with Invoice Generator?

Generating invoice is a straightforward process with this software.

1.Open the application and find an invoice with the pre-customized format.

2.On the top enter your necessary details such as Name of your company, Email, Address and Phone number and on the other side enter your client's data.

3.You'll find a column for the invoice number. Make sure you fill it carefully as this will help you track the invoice.

4.Enter the description or the name of the task beside the rate and quantity.

5.Select the currency, tax rate and discount if applicable. This is optional. You can skip it if not applicable.

6.An invoice generator allows you some additional features such as adding a logo and choosing your brand colour or notes.

Essential Inclusions of An Invoice

Each invoice has some essential elements. Hence, it would be best if you have filled them before clicking a hit button :


The header is the essential element of any invoice which clearly states the purpose of invoice. Make sure you use the same as it will help clients easily track your invoice and save your time while recording taxes.

2.Company Details

Mention your company's legal name and all the other details such as an address, email, phone number.

3.Details of client

State the name of the client and all the essential details such as an address, phone number and email.

4.Invoice Number

As stated, it can be an intimidating task to keep track of your multiple invoices. Update your invoice number each time you use the invoice generator to create your invoice.


Invoice is incomplete without proper details of products and services offered. Clearly state the price and quantity of each product. A small error here can null and void the invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I put my logo on the invoice template?

Yes, the template allows you to upload your logo in both JPEG and PNG format.

2.Can I create an invoice in another language?

Yes, you can generate an invoice in 5 languages depending on the invoicing services you choose. WeInvoice offers 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

WeInvoice is a trusted invoicing platform to keep track of your sales and finances. It's not a simple receipt but serves as a professional and legal document in future. Now you have an invoice template, it's time to onboard more clients.

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