About Us

WeInvoice is a free online invoice platform with invoice generators that you can use for your business as well as a huge collection of well crafted invoice templates for you to customize.

At WeInvoice, you can either create error-free, compliant, and detailed invoices within a few minutes. Or if you do not want to start from scratch,there are plenty of ready-to-use invoicing templates which you can download and use.

Businesses, especially small and mid-sized, lack the resources to design their own invoices. Furthermore, the invoices have to be compliant to be recognized by other businesses. That’s where WeInvoice comes in and solves the problem. We make the process of invoicing and billing easy for all types of companies and individual contractors.

We have plenty of invoicing templates that are created by experienced designers. The legal team takes care of regulation and compliance issues associated with the invoices.

To get started, you have to download and edit the necessary fields. You’ll find all the details required to create a complete invoice. Most of the forms are divided into three sections. The first is about your company information, the second is the buyer’s information, and the third is the items to be billed. In the third section, you can insert all the things you have sold and want compensation for. To make your task easier, there’s a taxation box that allows you to include federal, state, and local taxes.

You can edit all the fields and insert your own sections if you like. Either download it in PDF format or in Word document format and edit at your end.

Since legal compliance is taken care of, you can be sure that your sent invoice will be accepted by the other party. WeInvoice deeply understands how frustrating a rejected invoice often is and how it can delay your payments.

Customization is also at the heart of WeInvoice’s invoice templates. We recognize every business is different with particular requirements. You can edit the invoice easily in any word processor and include/delete any section as per your needs. This would allow you to concise invoices that speak to your company’s way of doing commerce.

WeInvoice is a great place to automate your accounts and invoicing tasks. Download the templates and send the bills on the go -- even from a mobile device. You’ll never find yourself not getting paid just because you cannot design and send invoices in time.

Leave that part to us while you focus on running and managing your business.

Create your own invoice today!