What Is a Payment Receipt?

Are you caught in the middle, trying so hard with no luck to figure out the difference between a receipt and an invoice? This article gives you answers to all your questions. As a plus, you get access to free invoice templates.

Is an Invoice the Same as a Bill?

Are you confused between an invoice and a bill and not sure of the differences between two? We will help you out. Read on.

How to Make Invoice Number Change Automatically in Excel?

The invoice number generator prevents you from duplicating invoice numbers and creating confusion with your clients and in your accounting records.

How to Make an Invoice on Excel

How to Make an Invoice on Excel

How to Design an Invoice?

‘How to design invoice’ is a question that most business owners ask at the early stages of their business. Here is a free online invoice generator with a guide on how you can design the perfect invoice for your business.

How to Write an Invoice?

Invoices are crucial for collecting payments for your clients. Fortunately, WeInvoice provides a free online invoice generator that you can use to make an invoice for your business. Learn how to fill out an invoice here.

Flat Rate vs. Hourly Rate

Which should I use- flat rate or an hourly rate? Deciding this is easier than you think. Find out the pros and cons of each of these payment methods and download the appropriate invoice template for each of them completely free.

How to Charge Late Payment Fees?

A late payment fee included in the invoice can be the right incentive to convince clients to send you the money on time.

Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Every project you complete needs an independent contractor invoice issued and sent as soon as possible to avoid late payments.

Invoices for Businesses

Writing invoices for businesses is easy if you follow the right steps and use an efficient template. You will save time and get paid on time.

How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs?

If you have a Google account, you can use a receipt template in Google Docs to create efficient invoices for your clients.

How to Make Invoices in OpenOffice?

If you want to make invoices in OpenOffice, the process is quite easy. Here are the steps to make an OpenOffice invoice through free invoice templates. Create an invoice with ease through the OpenOffice productivity suite.

How to Create Invoices in Word?

A modern business deserves a professional invoice. Add a touch of professionality to your billing by using MS word processed invoices to serve your billing needs.

Service Invoice Template

To issue a bulletproof invoice for the services you have provided, use an efficient service invoice template and make sure you get paid on time.

How to Make a Simple Invoice?

Have you ever wondered if your invoices were up to par? Rather than try to build one from scratch with the wrong bill formatting, why not use a simple invoice template? WeInvoice has in stock for you, lots of invoice templates you can take advantage of. More importantly, they are free, downloadable and customizable.

How to Make an Invoice: A Stepwise Guide

Are you looking to create a professional looking invoice? WeInvoice has got just what you need. We have loads of invoice templates with varying style, color and font options that can be downloaded for free and edited.

Outstanding Invoice

Sending an outstanding invoice is an elegant and efficient way of reminding your clients the due date is coming, and your invoice needs to be cleared.

How to Print an Invoice?

If you want to appear professional and want to give your clients complete information about your service, download free printing invoices templates for all your businesses to look professional and get paid faster.

A Stepwise Guide to Process an Invoice

This article provided you with a deeper insight into invoice processing, and how you can use WeInvoice to download invoice templates.

What Is a Proforma Invoice? Must-Know about Invoicing

A proforma invoice also known as a preliminary invoice is very different from an invoice, quotation or purchase of order on many grounds. Delve into this article to understand the differences between these documents and why it is important to draft a pro forma invoice. As a plus, you get to download WeInvoice pro forma invoice templates for free or use our versatile invoice generator to make a fresh one.