Quote Template

Documents like quotes and invoices are useful in ensuring that your business appears entirely transparent and consistent to your customers. Following that sentiment, a quote template is a robust method that facilitates regular cash flow and eases accounting stress.

A well-made business quote template can create opportunities to establish an impeccable first point contact with your customers. A big part of creating a quote means to ensure it is well-structured and easy for your customers to understand.

A quote template word or a quote template excel provides you pre-made designs so that you don't have to create them yourself. This can save a lot of effort and time and ensure that you mention all the right details every time.

What Is a Quote Template?

When a customer approaches your business for services or products, a quote template is a perfect method of offering them a detailed description of the fixed price associated with the product or service. Naturally, you must have picked, by now, that a business quote document is offered before an invoice.

It can then transform into an invoice after the product or service has been rendered. Quotes are excellent for protecting your business from the fluctuating prices in the market. For the same reason, they typically come with an associated time frame.

The quote allows the customer to understand the complete picture of a service or product's price before making a purchase, while at the same time also protecting your business from the damage of the pricing going up or down due to market fluctuations or rare but dangerous inconsistencies in price estimations.

Quotes are present on multiple platforms, including quote template Word, quote template Excel, and even a Google Docs quote template. Here is a quick breakdown of each of the forms of quotations that are easily accessible to you.

  • Quotes template Word– Offers easy customizations and are relatively simple and straightforward. These templates are designed for beginners and typically used for the sale of products.
  • Quote template Excel– Offer a simple way for businesses to calculate their numbers right. These are typically used for services rendered on an hourly basis. They are also employed for tax calculations.
  • Quote template Google Docs– Are alternatives for quotes present on Microsoft Word. They are equally simple and accessible for both beginner and expert business owners.

All forms of quote templates mentioned above are the most common types used by businesses. However, there are other types, including- construction quotes, painting quotes, photography quotes, design quotes, etc., all of which are dedicated to the form of products or services you offer.

What Are the Differences Between an Estimate and a Quote?

Often it is hard for a business to offer a standard calibration for the product or services they offer. These uncertainties commonly occur due to the difference in time, material, labor used for each offering, and the market trends.

In such cases, when offering a standard price list that might seriously cause damage to the business, quotes and estimates can be the best measures of providing a detailed description of the prices for the products and services your potential customers are interested in.

However, to employ the right tools for the proper rendering, it is vital to understand the clear difference between a quote and an estimate. A quote mentions a fixed price for the product and services to be rendered.

Meaning, you can formulate a satisfying price before offering the quotation; however, once the customer accepts it, the mentioned price cannot be altered. On the other hand, standing true to its meaning, an estimate is a guessed price of what the price or service will cost.

In place of an unforeseen change or development, the business can change its approximate price even after providing the estimate. We recommend mentioning several relevant estimations of the price to avoid any surprise on the customer's part.

What Should Be Included in a Quote?

A good business quote template should share all the relevant aspects of the product or service You offer to your potential customers. For the quote to be impeccably accurate and adequately presented, its contents must include the following details and parameters.

  • Relevant information about the business: Name of the company, Address, Details of the client, Customer ID Number, Quotation Number.
  • Pricing: Price of each product or service rendered with short but relevant description.
  • The total price of all the products or services; the information related to all the prices should be detailed but brief to avoid any confusion or clutter.
  • Taxes: Applicable taxes relevant to the business
  • Dates: As we mentioned above, a quote is typically time-bound. Hence it should indicate the validity of the quote and the date when the products or services are delivered.
  • Signatures: Signatures are an essential aspect of keeping the quote legally viable. A quote template should include both your and the customer's E-signature. This element facilitates client approval and serves as a strong receipt.


A quote often serves as the cementing factor between losing and winning a game on a customer. Using a well-structured format, accurate details, and a well-thought quote price can convert the first point of contact into customer loyalty.

A quote creates an impeccable understanding between you and the customer, explains the terms, prices, and conditions of the dealings, and facilitates good decision-making for the customers to finalize the deal.

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