Privacy Polices

The WeInvoice privacy policy describes the clauses of how user data is collected, used, and disclosed throughout the website. We value the privacy of our users. When you visit our websites, subpages, or utilize any of our services, you accept the terms and policies outlined in this document and grant consent to the collection, usage, or disclosure of the data outlined in this privacy policy.

1. What Is Covered Under This Policy?

The data referenced here pertains to any personally identifiable information. We collect this data from our customers as well as the end-users who use our services. The policy outlined here only refers to the activities of WeInvoice. We are not responsible for the practices of third-party companies and customers who might utilize our services to gather personally identifiable information from third party resources.

By submitting any personal information on our platform, you consent to be responsible for the data collected on your behalf as well making it available for our usage according to this privacy policy.

2. What Personal Information Do We Collect?

2.1 Personal information. As our customers, you are required to create an WeInvoice account, thereby consenting us to collect your account information, including name, email address, phone, and address. When you share invoices, we also collect your device ID and IP address, as well as also tracking the invoices.

2.2 For customers residing in the US, we provide payment facilitation just as other services. To facilitate the service, we might collect the following data: date of birth, Social Security number, bank account, and routing number, and employer identification number. The above information is only utilized to validate your KYC, AML regulations.

2.3 Invoice Recipients. Customers will utilize the service to create and share invoices with third-party recipients and agree to the collection of the following information: address, phone number, name, and email address.

2.4 Use of Personal Information. The collected personal information might be used for the following:

  • Account authentication
  • Service maintenance
  • Sending notices, updates, security alerts and other administrative messages
  • Transaction facilitation
  • Responding to customer service queries
  • Communicating with customers
  • Prevention of fraudulent activities
  • Service personalization
  • Trend analysis
  • For any other purpose, we will personally notify you to collect your consent

3. Cookies

When you visit our website, we install cookies on your device to automatically collect information such as time zone, web-browser details, IP address, device details, etc. We might contain additional information such as products, website, and page details when browsing our website.

Cookies are collected by the following method:

  • “Cookies" are data files placed on your system through a unique identifier. You can disable cookies by going to your browser settings.
  • Log files are used to collect website usage information.

Cookies are utilized to improve your personal experience on the website. These files are not able to access anything else on your system. We use beacons, scripts and tags to analyze the trend once you visit the website to understand your experience as a whole. We might also utilize third parties and companies that place cookies to collect your data regarding other online activities when you are logged into that specific third party service.

The following things will let you opt-out of these services:

4. Data Storage and Transfer

By consenting to the uses of your personal information or other services, you agree to the storage and transfer, and processing of your data in the United States and Canada. This data might be accessible to law enforcement and government agencies in these countries under lawful court orders.

5. Data Sharing With Third Parties

5.1 We may need to share personal information with third-party services that we employ. These services do not have the right to use your personal information or share it beyond the necessary tasks on our behalf.

5.2 If we are acquired by a third party, enter bankruptcy or have a change of control, personal information may be transferred to the new controlled entity as applicable by law.

5.3 Any personal information not identified in this policy cannot be disclosed without your consent according to privacy laws.

5.4 We might disclose your personal information to third-party services if we deem it necessary to contact, take legal action against or identify customers responsible for injury or interference with our property or anyone else, which could be harmful.

6. Retention

We might keep your personal information according to the law until before your account has been deactivated for an extended period of time. You can send the prior advance notice for deletion of your account and other related data.

7. Rights To Your Personal Information

You have the right to access the personal information we have collected. We will provide a copy of the collected data to you upon written request under certain circumstances applicable by law.

8. Economic Area (“EEA”) Residents

Upon collection of data, we act as data controllers according to EU general data protection regulation. When we process personal data on behalf of third parties, we are the data processor. As an EEA resident, we take steps to delete, limit, correct, or modify your personal data. You can request to remove your data from our system if we are the data controller. You might be required to verify your identity before applying for such requests.

9. Changes To This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be updated from time to time. We will make you aware of any changes by pushing an announcement on our website and emailing you before the changes become effective. Once you accept the policy change, you are bound by the agreements after the changes come into effect.

10. Additional Information

Any questions regarding this privacy policy can be redirected to the following contact: support(AT) (AT is replaced by @)