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For most business owners, the crux of invoicing is how much budget they will need to map out for their businesses. We have simplified the invoicing process and made it less expensive by giving our users access to free downloadable invoice templates to cater to their billing needs. With WeInvoice, you can produce tons of invoices for free.

Download Invoice Templates in Different Formats

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Word Invoice

With one of the most commonly used word processing programs, Microsoft Word, you can design stylish, well-structured invoices for your everyday use. It is loaded with enough tools to tweak your invoice’s outlook including font manager, color schemes and an insert tool for featuring images or brand logos.

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Google Docs Invoice

Our Google Docs invoice templates afford you the opportunity of saving your invoices to the cloud. This gives you access to all your clientele invoices all day long and on the go.

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Excel Invoice

With Microsoft Excel, you can give fewer thoughts to mathematical summations. Once you enter your rates and quantity of items, the program automatically calculates the payment due for you, allowing you more time to focus on other important business tasks and decision making.

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Google Sheets Invoice

Get access to quick, precise invoice calculations on the go with Google Sheets. Create, edit and share your invoices to clients seamlessly wherever you are once you are connected to the internet.

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PDF Invoice

Preserve the structure and layout of your invoice with pdf invoices. Using pdf invoice templates, you can edit and share your invoices to respective clients as many times as possible without fear of an intermediary editing its contents.

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Why Should You Use an Invoice Template?

Do you want to carve a niche for yourself in the industry as the brand with one of the most efficient business processes? Or establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with? A well optimized invoicing system might just be the missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle.

For small business owners, it is even more important that the invoicing system is inexpensive. With free invoice templates available for download, business owners get access to stylish invoices that can be created instantly for new and repeat clients.

They provide you a means of professionally and formally reminding your clients of payments to be made and when to make these payments while helping you keep better track of your finances and cash flow. Also, invoice templates like those in Google Sheets and Docs format help you digitize your invoice, an important insurance step against destroyed or lost paperwork.

Finally, it is a better alternative to handwritten invoices. By going digital using invoice templates, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Using Invoice Templates

Reduce your invoicing workload and invest more time in converting leads and growing relationships with existing customers.

Since invoices are one of the last interactions your brand has with customers, it is essential that they are well drafted. If properly structured, invoices can make your business stand out as a professional and elite outfit. Other benefits include:

Downloadable in the main formats including pdf, docx and doc

Create and share invoices to several clients within minutes

Makes it easier to file taxes and verify tax claims

Simple, cost-effective and easy to customize

Budget planning and finance projections

Creates a long-lasting impression of professionalism and class on the client or customers

Create an Invoice Now with WeInvoice

Simplify your invoicing process today with WeInvoice’s free downloadable invoice templates. These templates are crafted in accordance with industry standards to reduce incidences of disputes and late payments. Our templates also exude class and help your business easily compete with bigger brands within your niche industry.

How to Personalize Your Business Invoice?

You can help your customers see where their money is going by downloading free downloadable business invoice templates and customizing it to reflect the products they are paying for, and their unit rates. At zero cost, you can create as many branded invoices as you need in minutes.

Step1. Enter contact and company information

For proper bookkeeping, the invoice has to be trackable. An invoice date and an invoice number may help with that. While the invoice date refers to the date the invoice was issued, the invoice number is a unique number assigned to each invoice.

Step2. Invoice date and invoice number

Make sure your invoices are traceable and trackable – both for your records and your clients’ records – for easier checking on accounts that are current and those that are overdue.

Step3. Include product description and rate for services

The invoice should contain a concise description of the goods sold or services provided. Asides itemizing all that the client is charged for, the invoice should also highlight prepayment or discounts.

Step4. Write out sales tax

Include all taxes applicable to your county or country on your invoice to give your clients a complete bill for the services provided. This will help you not get caught with unpaid sales tax when tax filing comes calling.

Step5. Sum up prices to calculate total amount due

Calculating the total prices owed manually or with the help of a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets can help the client get a clearer picture of what they owe.

Step6. Include Payment terms

These terms include the proper payment method, how soon you choose to be paid and much more, so that your clients are clear about all the important details.

Invoice Templates for Special Purposes

Since some industries require custom invoice templates, we have designed a handful of specialization templates that apply to each of them.

Complete a memorable holiday experience for your hotel guests by feeding them their bills in the best professional way possible - a well structured hotel invoice. Using our hotel Invoice template, you can draft one in a few minutes.

Are you preparing for your annual taxes? If so, you may need a tax invoice as it comes in handy as proof of tax deductions over a tax period.

If you are a car mechanic or dealer, you can attest to how draining it can be to stay under engines for the most parts of the day and spend your spare time drawing up invoices. An auto repair invoice template saves you the time and energy of drafting one from scratch.

While meeting deadlines and delivering quality deliverables is one thing, getting paid timely is another. A contractor invoice helps the client understand the total payable amount and when the payment is due.

As a graphic designer, the odds are that your design taste is high. Our graphic design invoice templates do not only show concrete and essential information about your transactions but are also amazingly stylish.

If you are not under an organized payroll system as a freelancer, you must develop an organized invoicing process to help keep your monthly paycheck stable. A freelancer invoice template is a free and easy alternative for staying on top of your financial situation.

Say no to chasing clients for payments or trying to come up with the right invoice for your clients. With a sales invoice template, you can invest your time drumming up new leads and strengthening relationships with existing customers.

Regardless of how big or small the job may be, you can make invoicing a breeze by using a service invoice template. It allows you more time to focus on delivering first class services to your clients.

Types of Invoices for SMEs

From freelance services to contractor services, there are different kinds of invoices all designed to suit different business situations.

While some are issued at the start of the project, some others are issued on completion of the project. Here are some of the most common invoices available to small businesses and what they are used for:

  • Pro forma invoices are used like an estimate to give the parties involves an idea of how much the project will cost.
  • Interim invoices are used to invoice a customer in regular instalments for a grand project.
  • Recurring invoices are used for repeat customers and retainers.
  • Past due invoices are often issued to clients who have defaulted the payment due date.
  • Final invoices are the most common form of invoices. They are issued on completion of the project and when payment is due.

You can use any of the invoice templates above to create these five types of invoices.

Avail yourself of all the invoice templates above to personalize your own invoice.

Our invoice templates are designed for people of all races hence, available in some of the most spoken languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

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