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To get pay on time and within schedule, you would need to create an official reminder for the client. This ‘official reminder’ is known as a freelance invoice. If you don’t know how to draft one, you can easily work with a freelance invoice template. WeInvoice has a bunch of these you can utilize to your advantage.

The freelancing model – remote work - is the future of the workplace. The freedom to work whenever you can and whenever you choose is enviable. However, getting paid can be a little bothersome since unlike corporate employment, there are no organized payment schedules.

To get pay on time and within schedule, you would need to create an official reminder for the client. This ‘official reminder’ is known as a freelance invoice. If you don’t know how to draft one, you can easily work with a freelance invoice template. WeInvoice has a bunch of these you can utilize to your advantage.

What Is Freelance Invoice And How It Works?

A freelance invoice is a document sent by a freelancer to his/her clients highlighting the services provided, charge for each service, number of hours worked, total amount owed and the payment due date. In return, the client pays the fee within the stipulated period. This is the proper way to bill clients.

Freelancing invoicing is much more than just sending the client an email containing the total amount followed by a Payoneer, Skrill or PayPal address that client should pay to. It involves a lot more.

An invoice has to be drafted to make the clients understand what they are paying for and if there would be any extra charges. Express delivery is one popular element that attracts extra charges

Here’s the general invoicing construct - the freelancer sends an invoice once the job has been completed. However, this rule isn’t cast in stone. The right time to send in an invoice depends on the arrangement between the freelancer and their client.

Some freelancers send in their invoice on completion of the entire project while some do so on completion of every milestone.

In fact, depending on the volume and value of work, the freelancer may request for an upfront payment. Whichever is the case, the onus lies on the freelancer to clearly indicate it on the freelance invoice when they expect to receive pay.

Types for Freelancer Invoice

The payment process or service rendered for freelancers differ from person to person. To this end, there are different types of freelancer invoice, each designed to suit a certain kind of freelancer-client relationship. Here are some of the most used freelancer invoices

  • Standard invoice
  • Prepayment invoice
  • Recurring invoice
  • Time-based invoice
  • Credit invoice
  • Mixed Invoice

Essentials of a Freelance Invoice

Networking and delivering sterling deliverables aren’t the only key ingredients of a successful freelancing career. Communication is also essential. Invoicing is a professional way of communicating payments to clients. To effectively communicate requests to clients, a freelance invoice must contain the following:

  • Business logo and branding portfolio
  • Business name, official phone number and email address
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date (date of invoice issuance)
  • Word order number
  • Due date for payment
  • Current payment status
  • Brief description of services rendered
  • Billable hours/number of hours spent on the project
  • Hourly rate or fixed rate fate for the service
  • Subtotal for all costs
  • Discounts (optional)
  • Payment terms
  • Payment options
  • Project notes – additional information on the project
  • Applicable tax
  • Total amount owed
  • Thank you note

Must-know Tips in How to Create a Freelance Invoice

Since most freelancers do not have a regular paycheck, it is only healthy that they get paid on time. A freelance invoice makes sure of this. The payment request instrument among other things, aids in eliminating payment delays. But they have to be drafted properly.

You should hold the following tips right next to your chest when creating your freelance invoice

Be personable

The goal in invoice documentation is sounding professional not rude. Therefore, do not throw politeness out of the window in the quest to be professional. Maintain a healthy relationship with your clients and they will pay you without flinching. They may also refer you to other potential clients.

Include professional recommendations

Including a few lines describing what services may improve the quality of your clients’ work in future could keep you dear to their heart. Though an optional input, including professional recommendations in your invoice could give you an edge over your peers. It shows you off as an expert and encourages repeat business.

Keep it simple

As much as you want your invoice to highlight all important details, ensure it looks as simple as possible. Simple minimalist design wins any time, any day.

Always have a payment due date in the invoice

Highlight what date the client’s payment is due in clear, professional language without sounding off as rude. A simple “Payment Due by November 25 2020" will do.

Follow up

Send a reminder to the client if they fail to meet up with the time written on the invoice. Remember to be as friendly as you can.

Be flexible with your arrangement

Every client wants a freelancer who can make work easier for them. If you can work with your clients’ preferences, please do. Be flexible with your arrangements, especially payment arrangements. For instance, if your usual payment mode is bank transfer but your client prefers issuing cheques. Speak to them and settle for a middle ground. Being too stiff can strain your relationship with your client.

Make the payment terms as short as possible

Itemizing too many payment terms can make working with you seem too complicated. Write out the payment terms in only a few lines to expunge the feeling that you are a difficult person to work with.

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The freelancing circle is a peculiar one, thanks to the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. This ‘perfect’ framework can become frustrating if you have to haggle with clients on every project you do. That’s why you need a simple, yet, detailed freelancer invoice. WeInvoice has a host of freelance invoice templates you can download for free and customize. The platform also has an invoice generator for freelancers who want a more custom freelance invoice.

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