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Billing invoice templates enable young entrepreneurs, consultants, and contractors to share an effective billing system with their clients. Download WeInvoice’s billing invoice for free in various formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, and google sheet.

What Is a Billing Invoice?

Billing invoices can be made by any individual or organization that provides goods or services to the purchaser. Small ventures rely on bill invoice templates to document sales transactions. These documents are desperately required to establish reliable and detailed accounting and bookkeeping systems.

There are different types of bill invoice templates such as:

Progress Invoice

This billing invoice is used to be paid in stages for long ventures. This type of invoicing seems to be popular in the construction industry.

Commercial Invoice

This invoice records the imports of foreign goods. It is used in customs to provide descriptions of the product, the country of origin, the declaration of legitimacy, the sign of the importer, and other critical details.

Standard Invoice

It is a simple and straightforward invoice that is used to bill various services rendered by professionals. This invoice entails a complete description of services rendered, along with their costs, payment methods, as well as the due date.

Make an Invoice With WeInvoice

Design your own business invoice and add as many customizations as you need in your invoice. Improve the efficiency of your business by using a quick and easy invoice generator service from WeInvoice.

Is It Important to Use a Billing Invoice?

First and foremost, the role of an invoice for billing is that it’s an essential element to receive payments on time. Most businesses are dealing with multiple clients at the same time. Thus, to keep track of who has paid and who yet has to pay, one can use a billing invoice to structure a systematic method of recording cash flows.

Furthermore, billing invoices provide evidence, establishing that a business has delivered their product or service and is bound to receive a payment for it. In case a customer wants to file a complaint related to the product or demand an exchange, then a billing invoice comes in handy to prove the transaction of sales.

Besides, if a client refuses to pay his dues, a selling business can approach the court of law using the billing invoice as evidence to prove the contractual obligation for payment. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) needs to ensure that you have correctly reported all the income you earned during the year.

If you have an ordered system of sequentially numbered invoices, the IRS is more assured that you have thoroughly and accurately reported your revenue.

What Information Is Included in a Billing Invoice?

In order to create a billing invoice, you will need to include complete information about the company such as the official company name, contact name, and office address. You should also include the logo of the company and information regarding your clients.

It is better to set an invoice number, invoice date, and payment due date or terms like “net 30 days." Additionally, you can highlight whether you or the buyer will pay for shipping. Listing the services or products provided along with prices and quantities is essential.

Furthermore, you can add sales tax, and account for any other factors that affect the total like discounts, shipping, or credit. Now calculate the total amount of services rendered and insert payment terms at the bottom, such as late fees, how you want to be paid and if you offer discounts for early payment.


All in all, if a business wants to set the right balance of payment receiving, WeInvoice’s billing invoice can help you maintain a qualified standard of recording a transaction. WeInvoice is undoubtedly the ideal website that caters to your sample billing invoice needs.

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