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Your business needs your constant implication, and time always seems to run scarce. But when it comes to the billing process, you can make things easier. Download the purchasing invoice template from WeInvoice for free and ease your business accounting.

What is a Purchasing Invoice?

Purchasing invoices are the documents that ensure you are getting paid for the products you sell. When your clients buy something, they need a piece of paper that shows them precisely what they need to pay for and how much. An efficient purchase invoice format helps you deliver all the necessary information in an organized way.

Sales are a tough and competitive field, regardless of what products you are offering. It’s always essential to stay ahead of your competition and show your clients you provide top-quality products at great prices. But at the same time, you need a professional invoice and to prove that the entire purchasing experience is straightforward and comfortable. For that to happen, once the client has decided what to buy, you must issue accurate and efficient purchasing invoices.

The best and easiest way to issue these papers is with a good purchasing invoice template from WeInvoice's invoice template. That way, you will be saving a lot of time and be sure that all the relevant information is included. Every item has to be described in detail, including name, size, color, price, and any other important aspect, depending on the situation. The purchase receipt template helps you keep things organized and present your client with a professional-looking and customer-friendly billing paper.

What Are the Differences Between Purchase Orders and Invoices?

Both purchasing invoices and orders are documents used in sales, but they serve different purposes. While they both facilitate sales, they are used at distinctive points during the transaction and are issued by different parties.

It’s the buyer who issues a purchase order as a first step of the sales transaction. The purchase order is the document that lists the products the buyer intends to purchase and authorizes the seller to provide them at a particular price. It’s also proof that the buyer commits to pay for those products in the future, at the price mentioned.

Just as it happens with invoices, a purchase order invoice template can help the buyer issue the document easier. It’s essential for them to make sure all the relevant information and correct specifications are included to receive exactly the products they need at their agreed price.

On the other hand, purchasing invoices are issued by the seller, as we have already mentioned. They come to action later during the transaction and are the tool the seller uses to ensure they receive proper payment for the products they deliver. A purchase invoice template makes the creation of this document easier and faster.

So, while the purchase order initiates the purchase by presenting the buyer’s selection of goods, the purchasing invoice ensures the transaction is successfully completed and that the seller receives the correct amount.

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What to Include in a Purchasing Invoice?

Using an efficient purchase invoice format is essential because not only does it keep the information organized and shows the buyer exactly how much to pay and how, but it also helps you keep a tight grip on your stocks and future earnings. With issuing invoices taking so little of your time, you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

If you are just beginning to issue these documents yourself, without turning to an accountant, here are the elements you need to make sure are included in the purchasing invoice template:

  • Branding details of your business, including a logo
  • Your name and the name of your company, along with contact information
  • A detailed list of the products sold and the individual price
  • Your client’s name, or company name, and the contact information
  • The total amount due
  • The payment methods they can use
  • Returning and privacy policies


If you’re in the sales business, you know how much attention you need to pay for every detail and how important your image is. But receiving full payment for the products you provide is crucial, and invoices help you ensure it.

To handle your billing as easier and faster as possible, try the purchasing invoice template from WeInvoice. You can also take a look at the amazing invoice generators that can help you receive the correct amounts without delays.

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