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Handmade, written invoices have now become a thing of the past, and most businesses have switched to digital invoices. Even then, you would need to put in some effort to create an invoice template for your business. But if you want a faster and better way to generate invoices, you can download readymade, printable invoice templates instead.

Why Are Printable Invoice Templates Important?

Free printable invoices are handy as they save you a lot of time. First of all, you are already saving the time and effort of creating your own template. Instead, you download one and customize it with your company details.

Secondly, every time you need to send an invoice, you need to fill in the payment details like price and quantity. The faster you can generate and forward the invoice, the sooner you can expect to get paid.

Apart from saving time and being extremely convenient, here are some other reasons printable invoice templates are essential.

  • All invoices you generate from the template can be digitally stored, either in your system or in cloud storage. Having all your invoices saved in a single location lets you keep track of payments and finances.
  • Except for the payment info, all other details are already set in the invoice. So there are fewer chances of making errors that could lead to disputes with clients and customers.
  • Not many people realize this, but invoices also add to your brand value. Your invoice templates will have your company name, logo, and contact details on them, so it’s not just about payments but also a representation of your business.
  • Printable invoice templates are customizable, and that gives you more flexibility. In case you change your company’s logo, address, email, or contact number, there’s no need to make a new invoice. You can edit those details in the template, and you will have a new invoice ready to go. Are you tired of using just a single template? You can even download and save multiple templates for different types of payments, for example, separate invoice formats for customers and clients.

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How To Create A Printable Invoice?

Normally, making your own invoice template from scratch requires you to design everything on a blank document or excel sheet. You need to manage the alignments, tables, and every other aspect yourself. But as we’ve already established, downloadable invoice templates spare you the hassle of making a template on your own.

After you have downloaded the template, you have to fill in your company’s details in the respective areas and save this final template in your system. When you need to generate an invoice, just fill in the details of the payment and the person or party you are sending it to. Give it a second check and hit the print button. That’s all it takes to create printable invoices quickly and easily every time.

How To Fill Out A Printable Invoice In Microsoft Word?

A printable invoice template can be directly downloaded and opened as a Word document. It will have all the required sections where you enter your company details and info, details of the person or party getting billed, invoice number, a table for entering items, their rates, quantity, tax info, and total amount. Enter all that info in their respective sections to fill out the printable invoice in Microsoft Word.

How To Send Printable Invoices To Your Client?

After you have filled up the details and generated the invoice, you can send it to your clients digitally through email or printed form. It’s up to you and your clients to decide how you prefer to send the invoice. If you’re forwarding the invoice digitally through email, it’s best to convert it from Word document to pdf.

What’s Needed For A Printable Invoice Template?

You really need nothing for a printable invoice template, other than a computer, of course. WeInvoice printable invoice templates for businesses. Check our templates, and download the ones you like. Edit the initial template with your company’s info and save the final template - no need for fancy software or editing programs. A computer with Microsoft Office in it is all you need for a printable invoice template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find printable invoice templates?

WeInvoice provides printable invoice templates for businesses free of cost.

How do I create invoices with printable templates?

Printable invoice templates are available in Word document or Excel sheets format, so you can create invoices with these templates on Word or Excel.

What is the benefit of printable invoice templates?

Printable invoice templates help you generate invoices faster and make your work more convenient, which is its biggest benefit.

What information do I enter in printable invoice templates?

There are blank sections to enter the company and client details, list of items or services, rates, quantity, and total amount in printable invoice templates.


Invoices are essential documents for your business for receiving as well as recording payments. Create invoices quickly and accurately with printable invoice templates. Save your time and effort while focusing on efficiency.

WeInvoice provides you with free printable invoice templates that are entirely free to download and use. Browse through our collection of templates and download them in Word or Excel format as per your preference. Use the free invoice templates to your advantage so you can send professional invoices to your clients and customers and always get paid on time.

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