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With a sample invoice template, you can make as many invoices as you need to in very few minutes. Using sample invoices, you can bill as many clients as you need from the comfort of your office desk in just a few minutes.

What Is a Small Business Sample Invoice Used for?

Most small business owners struggle with billing clients, because they have other tasks to attend to as well. It is in fact for this reason that some may consider hiring an accountant. But hiring a qualified accountant or using an invoice software can get expensive.

There’s a better way out of this – invoice samples. A small business sample invoice is a simple, creative and cost-effective way of billing clients. If you don’t have the know-how of drafting one from scratch, you can download a template for free from WeInvoice and customize to taste.

WeInvoice sample invoices come in different styles and formats to cater to the needs of small business owners. Depending on which you are most comfortable with, you can download its Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets templates.

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Design your own business invoice and add as many customizations as you need in your invoice. Improve the efficiency of your business by using a quick and easy invoice generator service from WeInvoice.

How to Use a Sample Invoice Template?

The first step in collecting payment from your clients for goods delivered or services rendered is downloading a free sample invoice template.

This invoice sample template contains customizable fields which can be edited to contain the seller and buyer contact details, business logo, brief description of goods, list of goods delivered, quantity, price per unit and every fine detail that suits the needs of the seller and his/her clients.

This sample invoice must contain a unique invoice number to align the transactions with the charges and reference. This invoice number is also useful for bookkeeping purposes.

Why Should You Use a Sample Invoice Template?

A sample invoice is useful for so many reasons, moreso to a small business owner like yourself. They are extreme time savers. Indeed, all you need to do is plug in all required information into the customizable fields and share with the client. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should use a sample invoice template:

  • Make sure payments are made on due date: They can be used to enforce payments. The client is given a payment deadline before or on which they are expected to pay.
  • Keep record for tax purposes: Invoices are useful for verifying tax claims. This is because they are a reflection of your revenue.
  • Budget planning: An invoice may be useful for gathering intel on how much revenue is made monthly, yearly. This information can then be used to plan your budget as well as make projections for the future.
  • Inventory management tool: For most small business owners, keeping stock is a tedious task. A sample invoice helps you keep track of which products have been sold out and need restocking and those that are available in large quantities.

Types of Invoices

There are different types of invoices available to small businesses and large corporations alike. They include:

Standard Invoice

This is the basic form of invoice issued by sellers to their clients. It contains all the basic information which may include an unique invoice number, seller name, list of products and services, brief description of products and services, total money owed and payment due date.

Credit Invoice

This invoice type is used to note how much a business owes a client in the case of a refund. When a client returns some goods, the seller issues a credit invoice for the same amount or a lower sum, which is immediately credited into the buyer’s account.

A credit invoice can also be used to decrease the amount owed by a client on an already existing invoice. Finally, a credit invoice may be issued if a pricing dispute arises or if the client couldn’t follow through on the delivery of goods and services as agreed in the outstanding invoice.

Time-Based invoice

Simply put, a time-based invoice is used by businesses to bill their clients for timed services.

Debt Invoice

A debt invoice unlike a credit invoice is issued by a seller or service provider to cover for any additional service that may have been provided. Traditionally, it is issued to demand additional payments for additional services as against what’s in the invoice. It may also be used to effect discounts or ad-hoc charges.

When a credit invoice is issued to make adjustments to the client’s invoice, the client may also issue a debit invoice to let the seller know they have underbilled, if that is the case.

Recurring Invoice

Just like the name suggests, recurring invoice is a type of invoice that is automatically generated against a client over a period and over a particular set of goods and services. They are used in cases where the bill and time period are constant. Recurring invoices are commonly used in the rental industry.

Prepayment Invoice

For services or transactions that need an upfront payment, a prepayment invoice is what is issued by the seller to the buyer. It is used to collect a deposit or down payment before the final pay.

If you have a heavy billing load or are completely new to invoicing systems, sample invoice templates are a must-have for you. They can ease the invoicing process for you and incur no extra costs. How sweet! Getting one is even easier. You can head to a well-stuffed sample invoice template hub like WeInvoice to download as many invoice templates as you need and for free. You may also choose to use its easy-to-use invoice generator to develop a more custom invoice.


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