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As a consultant, doing business without a consulting invoice is going down a slippery slope that could leave you drowning in a messy abyss. Multiple studies show that sending out a detailed invoice highlighting all the services rendered and payable amount improves customer satisfaction. WeInvoice has an extensive gallery of free customizable consulting invoice templates for your immediate use.

What is a consulting invoice?

A consulting invoice is a document designed to underscore or itemize the services a consultant is rendering to his/her client and their monetary cost. It can help justify the rates of services rendered to the client.

Consulting invoices are of different types, each designed for its peculiar purpose. Here are some of the most common forms of consulting invoices:

  • Standard invoice: This is the regular invoice consultants use to provide a bill of services, amount owed and the payment due to the client.
  • Timesheet invoice: It is designed to track a consultant’s billable hours.
  • Expense report: This is used to record the expenses the consultant incurred during the execution of their services.
  • Recurring invoice: A recurring invoice is prepared by a consultant who performs the same work for his/client during every billing cycle.
  • Final invoice: This is an invoice sent to the client after completion of his services.

Use Cases of a Consulting Invoice?

Whether you are running a one-off consultancy service for a firm or do so on a continuing basis, you need a custom invoice that captures the services delivered and the number of hours put into the work. The cookie-cutter approach of creating invoices would not cut it. WeInvoice has custom templates for freelancers, construction consultants, financial consultants. They are also widely used in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technology corporations
  • Retail and many more.

The type of consulting invoice template to be used largely depends on the type of services to be delivered and the consultant’s initial agreement with the client. There are various sample consulting invoices on WeInvoice. A free consulting invoice comes in either Excel, MS Word or Pdf.

What Should be Covered in a Consulting Invoice?

For clarity and prompt payment of consulting bills by the client A consulting invoice, a consultant should include several information such as.

  • Name of the consulting company,
  • Contact details of the company including phone number and email address
  • Name and contact details of the client
  • Invoice number for easy filing
  • Description of consulting service(s)
  • Rate of the consulting service(s)
  • Subtotal of all services rendered
  • Privacy policy
  • Applicable VAT (if necessary)
  • Acceptable payment method (Paypal, check, direct deposit, etc.)

The invoice should feel personal as it is a personalized invoice. At the end of the invoice, a ‘Thank you’ message would really go a long way in making your clients feel at home and welcomed. Before sending out the invoice, make sure you keep a copy for record purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I decide on which sample consulting template to use?

The ideal consulting template depends on what information you want to capture? Do you want to record billable hours? Then, a timesheet invoice should be your next call. Select an invoice template that highlights all important details about the transaction.

How do I send my consulting invoice to my client?

You could send your invoice via email or deliver the hardcopy through a courier service. Your pick would usually depend on what’s easiest for you and your client. It is recommended as a professional that you ask your client their most preferred option.

When should I submit my consulting invoice?

There is no answer case in stone for this. It depends on the agreement reached with the client. You can send this out on a weekly or monthly basis. You may also choose to send it out on completion of your consultancy services.

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A consulting invoice template allows for quick creation of personalized invoice for each and every client. You can make your invoicing needs a breeze by choosing from WeInvoice wide of stylish, detailed and fully customizable invoice templates. Regardless of what niche you operate in, WeInvoice has got you covered.

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