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The best part about downloading a photography invoice is that you don’t need to design the invoice template yourself. You can find photography invoice templates online and simply download them for your use.

What is a Photography Invoice?

A photography invoice is an essential document for all photographers to bill clients for their services. It usually bears the name of the photographer (if they’re a freelancer) or the company’s name (if it’s a business). The invoice is sent to clients listing the amount they have to pay for enjoying photography services. It’s not just a payment request but also a useful document that helps you record your earnings as a photographer.

What is a Photography Invoice Template?

A photography invoice template is a readymade invoice design that photographers can use to prepare their own invoices. Such templates can be downloaded and opened directly. A photography invoice template has all the necessary sections and tables that you need in an invoice, and you just need to fill in the relevant details in their respective sections.

This makes your work easier as you don’t need to design the entire invoice yourself, saving your time and effort.

What Is Photography Invoice Used For?

Photography receipt is mainly used for billing your clients. It reminds them of what they need to pay you in return for your photography services. Moreover, it is also proof of a transaction between you and your client. Once the invoice is cleared and marked as paid, it becomes a valid document that testifies that you have been paid by the client.

There are various types of photography services such as wedding photography, magazine and calendar photoshoots, landscape and wildlife photography, real estate photos, sports pictures, and so on. Since photography in itself is such a diverse field, your invoice also represents what type of photographer you are and how you charge for your services.

And lastly, the photography invoice is also used for record-keeping. You can keep track of your earnings and finances and even track late or overdue payments with the invoices. In fact, you should record each and every invoice carefully and make sure you do not lose any one of them. You might even need them later on for things such as the declaration of income or tax audits.

So to sum things up, a photographer invoice is used for:

  • Billing clients
  • Demonstrating the specialty of your service as a photographer
  • Keeping a record of your payments and finances.

How to Create a Photography invoice?

If you are to create a photography invoice yourself, you must have some basic designing skills. You must align various sections of the invoice such as your own details or your business details, the client’s details, a table that lists your services and the rates, and the total amount payable. It can be designed on a blank Word document or Excel sheet. If you can’t do it yourself, you could hire someone else to make an invoice template for you.

But why go through all that trouble where you need to spend either money or time? The best option is to download free photography invoice templates from WeInvoice. After downloading the template, you can open them in Word or Excel. All the sections will be already prepared in the template, and you just need to enter your own details as a freelance photographer or a business to turn the template into your own invoice.

When you need to send an invoice to clients, just open the template, enter the client’s details, write down the service you provided and the amount you are to be paid. With the help of such templates, creating a photography invoice becomes super easy, and you can generate invoices in a matter of minutes!

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How To Bill Your Clients?

To bill your clients, you need to prepare an invoice that contains all the info below:

Your details as a photographer

As a freelancer, your invoice should bear your name on the top, and if you’re working as a business, then the company name and logo needs to be there. After that, your contact details – mainly the official phone number and email – must be included.

Clients details

The name of the client and their phone number are two important things that the invoice must contain. You can also choose to add the clients address to the invoice which is necessary if you want to send the invoice by post.

Invoice details

Invoice details include the date and serial number, which tells you when the invoice was generated.

Payment details

This is the most obvious part – the invoice should mention the services you offered as a photographer and the amount that needs to be paid for it.

Other details

If there are some terms and conditions or any extra information related to the invoice or the transaction in general, they must be added to the end of the invoice.

A photography invoice template consists of all these sections, so you just need to fill up everything in the right places. Once the invoice is ready and you have entered all details, you can send it digitally to the client’s email or send a hard copy to their mailing/postal address based on their preference.

With a photography invoice template, billing your clients becomes so easy and convenient that you never need to worry about preparing invoices and fully focus on your work instead. At WeInvoice, you can find various designs for photography invoice templates, which can be downloaded in both Word and Excel formats. Browse our collection of invoice templates and download the ones you like. With our aptly designed photography invoice templates, you can generate invoices fast and get paid even faster.

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