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Billing your clients and tracking their payments can be made easy by drafting a graphic design invoice. WeInvoice provides you a bunch of stylish, well-designed and detailed graphic invoice templates you can download for free and customize to your taste.

What Is Graphic Design Invoice And How It Works?

A graphic design invoice allows graphics designers to give the client the breakdown of the services provided, number of hours spent (billable hours), pay rate, the total amount due and the date the payment is due. Getting paid in full and on time is equally as important as doing a beautiful job and a graphic design invoice is key to getting that.

Once an invoice is issued to a client, the client is bound to look through the invoice, cross reference it with the submitted quotation or pro forma invoice and effect payment before or on the payment due date.

The graphics designer reserves the right to prepare an invoice on completion of the entire project or on completion of each milestone. Many graphic designers prefer to get payment upfront or on completion of a milestone if the project is going to take several weeks or months to complete.

However, the payment cadence has to be agreed to both by the graphic designer and client before the project gets underway.

Why And Where a Graphic Design Invoice Proves Useful?

A graphic design invoice can be used for a bunch of services. Some of them include:

  • Flyer designs
  • Logo designs
  • UI design
  • Video graphics
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Social media graphics
  • T-shirt designs
  • Product branding
  • Marketing materials
  • Corporate presentations

A graphic design invoice may prove useful in many scenarios. Some of them are:

  • Tracking and managing one’s finances
  • Bookkeeping purposes
  • It serves as a payment reminder to the client
  • It is a streamlined and easy-to-use billing method
  • Unlike other billing methods, it states in clear language the payment due date which should be respected by the client
  • Should the graphics design professional have any issues with the client, the invoice makes it easy to isolate the disputed service and address.
  • A graphics design invoice comes in handy in issues of taxing.

How Do I Write a Graphic Design Invoice?

It will be an overkill to include too much information in a graphic design invoice. It just needs to contain basic information needed to bill the client, all stated in clear, simple grammar. To avoid ambiguity and the invoice looking too clustered, ensure you adopt the proper layout.

If the standard invoice layout isn’t something you are too conversant with, you can work with a graphic design invoice template. If so, follow the following guidelines to write your custom graphic design invoice:

  • Download WeInvoice Graphic Design Invoice template for free from the platform
  • Choose a format to open the invoice template in. The available formats are Google Docs, Google Sheets, PDF, .docx, and .xls.
  • Make a copy of this invoice template and use for your graphic design invoice
  • Name the invoice
  • Then, include your brand logo
  • Include in the header section your contact information and those of your client. The contact information includes phone numbers, billable contact address, phone number and email address.
  • Write out the services you are charging for in the proper column
  • Enter the fixed rate or hourly rate for each service. For the latter, also enter the number of billable hours
  • Find the sum total for each service
  • Calculate the total payable amount
  • Establish and write out your payment terms and methods including whether or not the client will pay VAT or get any discount
  • Click save.

This is a more preferable way of writing your graphic design invoice than using complex and pricey invoice generating software. In a matter of minutes, you should be done with the entire process.

How to Bill for Graphic Design Work?

Before drafting a graphic design invoice, you have to make considerations for how you choose to bill your clients for your graphic design services. The common formats are setting a fixed rate for each project milestone or getting an hourly pay for the amount of time spent on each project milestone.

Should you choose to charge your clients fixed rates, it is recommended that you break the invoice into parts, record the fixed rate for each part of the project done and sum them up.

If you prefer the hourly rate payment cadence, you have to describe what part of the project you worked on, your hourly rate, how many hours you ploughed into this part of the work, and the subtotal for each project milestone.

As a creative, your clients will expect your graphic design invoice to be stylish. It should be! But also pay attention to the details contained in it and make sure it is easy for you to fill out when needed.

If you have invoicing issues especially as far as developing one from scratch is concerned, you can check out WeInvoice graphic design invoice generator. Otherwise, download for free and customize any of its numerous, stylish and detailed graphic design invoice templates.

Billing for graphic design is made easy with a well-designed graphic design invoice. You can get well-styled, detailed and laid out free graphic design invoice templates from WeInvoice. These templates have preformatted fields you’d expect to see in a standard graphic design invoice template.

The invoice generator is also an asset for graphic professionals who need an invoice with a bit of their personal touch. Ready to get paid? If yes, then, get a design invoice template and fill appropriately.

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