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For any freelancer, subcontractor and business based in New Zealand, it's necessary to get a customizable New Zealand invoice template to process payments faster!

What is a New Zealand invoice?

Every country has its own policies when it comes to invoicing. To receive payment in New Zealand, various types of invoices should be put out in place in accordance with the amount involved.

An invoice template NZ is key to make a payment request. As invoices are also considered essential tax documents, making them in the right format is important.

What Is New Zealand Invoice Used For?

In New Zealand, invoices can be used for asking for payment. There are various kinds of invoices used in New Zealand, depending on the field of your work. If you are a consultant, construction company, plumbing services, or any other kind of job, you will have to follow a Performa for the same.

As each job requires you to have a different invoice Performa, it's challenging to make it yourself after your usual working hours.

New Zealand Legal Requirements for Invoicing

If you are looking for customizing invoices on your own, there are specific invoicing requirements that should be followed to make them valid.

  • The New Zealand invoices with GST should be issued within 27 days of the date of supplies. These invoices should then be inspected within 7 days and replied to.
  • Also, invoices that are below the NZD 1000 could exclude the details of the customer like name and address and even the detailed GST calculation.
  • Another rule says that payments below the amount of NZD 50 or less don’t need New Zealand invoicing.

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