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What Is a Subcontractor Invoice?

A subcontractor invoice refers to the breakdown of services rendered to clients along with their cost and how it will be compensated. This invoice helps subcontractors in keeping their business finances organized and ready for accounting. Subcontractor invoices help them specifically when it comes to filing their taxes.

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What Are the Differences Between a Contractor And Subcontractor?

A contractor is a person or company that works with another company and offers them their services under a contract. Contractors are hired by clients to complete a job or a project. They are similar to business owners as they have their clients and offer services to them to gain profit according to their advantage.

Whereas, a subcontractor mostly works for a contractor. The subcontractors are hired by contractors to complete specific jobs within a contract. Subcontractors are experts at providing specialized services. Project duties or payment of subcontractors are controlled by the contractors.

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What to Include in a Subcontractor Invoice?

A subcontractor invoice should be detailed and understandable, in which it should include the complete business name and contact details of the clients, a full description of the subcontractor’s services, and the information about the company that the subcontractors work for, entailing the company’s logo and website address.

This invoice should list all the services provided by the subcontractor along with accurate costs and dates on which services were offered. The subcontractor can also specify how they charge them, i.e. hourly rate or a flat rate.

The free subcontractor invoice templates available at WeInvoice are customized for your use and make your job easy. They contain all information you would want to explain to your contractor.


Give your clients precise and accurate knowledge of your services by using subcontractor invoice templates. At WeInvoice, you can download the free templates that come custom made for every different project.

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