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For service providers, a service rendered invoice template can serve all your invoicing needs. A service invoice template will help you concentrate more on presenting accurate, consistent and professional-looking invoices than spend a large chunk of your time requesting payments from clients.

What is a Services Rendered Invoice?

A services rendered invoice is a commercial document used to detail all about a service a business has rendered to the other. Since the invoice is designed for services rendered alone, it keeps track of the billable hours and the hourly rate or fixed rate for the project.

A service provider who charges for services by the hour should consider keeping and updating a timesheet. With this, the total number of hours spent on the job can be properly tracked. For proper invoicing, this timesheet should be added to the invoice when tendering the invoice to the client.

The right time to send in an invoice for services rendered generally depends on the type of services rendered and agreement with the client. For a one-time job or regular client’s project, the prescribed approach is sending in a service invoice on completion of the job.

Otherwise, the service provider may request partial payment up front. This payment cadence is recommended for first-time clients and long-term projects.

What is a Services Rendered Invoice Used for?

A services rendered invoice is used by service providers to bill their clients for services they have provided. The typical service invoice contains all the required information needed to demand a particular fee from a client.

It details the work done, how many hours were spent on it, extra fees and the payable amount to help the client see the breakdown of what they are being charged for. A well-written service invoice could double as a financial record and can come in handy for bookkeeping purposes.

These are some of the reasons why many service providers cannot do without a service invoice:

  • It can be used to organize all financial information
  • Legal protection for the service provider in the case of a dispute
  • It eases bookkeeping procedures
  • Reminds the service providers of when to receive pay so as not to miss payments
  • Take note of outstanding payments and defaulting clients
  • Keep record of information that can be useful for filing taxes.

What to Cover in a Services Rendered Invoice?

A services rendered invoice is mostly used by freelancers and consultants who aren’t under an organized payroll system. To ensure that the payment made at the end of the day is accurate and reflects the original agreement decided on by both parties, the services invoice must contain some particular information. Here, they are:

  • Business logo, name and other branding portfolio
  • Business contact number, email address, contact address, phone number and any other contact information
  • Client name and contact information
  • Unique invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • List of services rendered and clear indication whether the project will be charged on an hourly or fixed rate
  • Number of billable hours
  • Extra fees like delivery fees, sales tax etc
  • Total amount owed
  • Accepted payment methods or payment options
  • Payment due date

How to Create a Services Rendered Invoice?

Without a services rendered invoice, the odds are that payments may come late. It may also be inaccurate and may not reflect extra charges like supplies, delivery and taxes you intend to charge the client for.

To present these charges logically and professionally to a client, you must develop a detailed and well-formatted service invoice. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Download a free service invoice template from our invoice template database. This sample invoice for services and rendered is well formatted and contains editable fields you are to edit.
  • Enter the business name, contact address, phone number, and any other contact information
  • Add the branding media which may include a logo, mission statement etc
  • Provide the client’s name, billable contact address, phone number, email address and any other contact information
  • Generate and include a unique invoice number
  • Insert an invoice date which is the date the invoice was issued
  • Provide a detailed list of services provided with a brief description of each of these services
  • Also itemize the costs of these services and how they were charged (based on a flat rate or hourly rate)
  • Write out the number of billable hours and calculate the subtotal cost for each service
  • Find the total cost of the project including any additional fees like taxes in the “Total" section of the invoice. It is recommended that this is written in large, bold font so that it is unmissable by the client
  • Write out the payment terms and accepted payment methods
  • Save the document.

Types of Service Invoices

There are different types of service invoices, all designed to suit different payment cadence and particular situations between vendor and buyer. WeInvoice has a bunch of stylish customizable, drafted and formatted to be in sync with the requirements of these invoices.

Here are the various types of invoices for services

  • Standard invoice
  • Time-based invoice
  • Pre-payment invoice
  • Recurring invoice
  • Credit invoice
  • Debit invoice
  • Mixed invoice

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Design your own business invoice and add as many customizations as you need in your invoice. Improve the efficiency of your business by using a quick and easy invoice generator service from WeInvoice.

To stay on top of your peers and rub shoulder to shoulder with larger businesses, you have to wear a more professional outlook. An invoice is a grand chance to give your client the impression that you are organized, professional and progressive. Creating one is quite easy and need not come at a cost. With a services rendered invoice template, you can spend less time on billing first-time clients and repeat customers. WeInvoice service invoice templates are free, downloadable and customizable. Its amazing invoice generator is also fitted with features that can help you develop a more custom service invoice.

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