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As a business owner, you don’t want to spend hours creating invoices for your client each time. With WeInvoice, you can download a professional invoice template which you can customize as per your requirement. Enter the billing information in the template and your invoice gets ready, as simple as that!

What Is a Professional Invoice?

Professional invoices are bills that a professional sends to the clients to get paid for a service that the professional provided.

A professional invoice can be an hourly declaration or a fixed amount statement of the dues owed by the client to the professional. It can be calculated based on the number of hours the professional has put into the project, or on a project-wise basis.

Creating these invoices is important for the professional to explain to the client how much they are charging and for what reasons. Improperly created invoices can make the billing party seem unprofessional to the client.

This is why WeInvoice’s professional invoice templates provide easy and editable invoice structures that professionals can use to add an appropriate flair to their service.

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Design your own business invoice and add as many customizations as you need in your invoice. Improve the efficiency of your business by using a quick and easy invoice generator service from WeInvoice.

Why Is a Professional Invoice Needed?

There are many reasons which call for the need for professional invoices. These include:


These invoices add transparency to the billing process. A client does not need to ask questions regarding the amount you are billing them, since professional invoices are self-explanatory.

Tracking Due Dates

Through a professional invoice, the professional and the billed party can track the pending payments. They can also find out when a payment is due with the date mentioned on the invoice.

Tax Filing

All your invoices are required at a later time when you calculate your taxes. Therefore, you must invoice your clients appropriately and properly.

Faster Payment

It can take forever to chase the payments that your client owes you. An invoice is seen as a formal demand for payment, and it is much more likely to cause your client to pay you faster.

What to Include in a Professional Invoice?

Professional invoices are created to make your and your client’s life easier. Here are some of the must-have components to include in a professional invoice:

Your Information

The invoice should have your name and contact address on the top. If there is any professional logo you use, you can include it too. Many professionals add a contact number and email address, which is a good practice.

Client Information

The name/company name of the client along with their billing address should be included.

Description of Service

You should mention the services for which you are billing your client. The rate of each service should be listed, along with the cost of each. If the services are billed on an hourly basis, the number of hours for each service should be listed next to it.


It is important to mention any taxes on services you have provided. If the taxes are on the total billed amount, you can mention it separately near the end. If it is different for each service, the tax can be stated next to each service amount.

Total Amount Due

The total amount due includes the cost of each service and the taxes that apply to it. It is the final amount that your client owes you.

Mode of Payment

Mode of payment refers to the method through which the client should pay you, such as cash, demand draft, PayPal, cheque, etc.

Invoice Number

Invoice number is used for record-keeping purposes and organization of invoices. Every invoice has its reference number.


Having a professional invoice template is the essence of being a successful professional. An editable invoice template saves the trouble of creating a new invoice each time since you can enter the details directly while keeping the design the same.

WeInvoice provides a customizable professional invoice template for free downloading. Save these templates in any format you require, such as Doc and PDF, and edit them whenever you want.

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