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A hotel invoice proves essential in charging clients for services rendered to them such as food, lodging and parking. Download a hotel invoice template now to speed up your professional hotel billing system.

What Is a Hotel Invoice?

One of the ultimate goals of every hotel is creating for their guests a cozy atmosphere that feels like home away from home. But not all rooms cost the same. Neither does every service. Or do they? The proper channel to let them know the costs of rooms, and the other extras they may be getting (gym and massage services) is providing them with an invoice.

A hotel room invoice is a slip handed out to hotel guests at the beginning or end of their stay itemizing the food services available and the cost of parking, lodging, feeding, WiFi and any other luxury offers. In many climes, hotels are usually charged special taxes by the local government, most of which are usually passed on to the hotel guests.

This hotel invoice would usually contain the name of the guest lodging, the services they have subscribed to, the respective costs of these services and the hotel’s accepted payment methods. Most hotels prefer cash payment or payment through card (Credit or Debit Cards).

Essentials of a Hotel invoice

A standard hotel invoice or hotel bill should contain the following information:

  • Company logo, mission and any other branding portfolio
  • Name of hotel, contact address, phone number, email address, fax number and any other available contact information
  • The guest’s first and last names as well as their contact information and total number of guests staying
  • Dates of the stay and total number of stay (day and night)
  • An outline of the services rendered and the charges incurred for each
  • A total of these charges inclusive of local and state taxes
  • Accepted payment method
  • Hotel invoice identifier.

How to Make a Hotel Invoice? (Step by Step)

Itemizing your guests’ hotel bills begins by downloading and reviewing a hotel bill template. This can be downloaded from well-developed and optimized invoice template hubs like WeInvoice. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Download a motel invoice template or hotel invoice template for free
  • Insert your hotel name and all contact information in the header section
  • Also, include the hotel’s logo, vision, mission and other branding portfolio you consider necessary
  • Make a copy of the template and save this new copy as the guest’s custom invoice
  • Include customer’s name and contact information
  • Enter a unique invoice number on the sheet, invoice date and the payment due date
  • Itemize the services, amenities subscribed to and reservations made alongside their descriptions and prices
  • Sum up the total cost and write this in clear, bold font at the bottom of the invoice
  • Provide your payment terms and all other information you want contained in the invoice
  • Share the completed invoice to the customer through email, direct mail or WeInvoice’s versatile sharing system.

What Is a Hotel Invoice Used For?

Without a hotel invoice, guests cannot determine how much they have been billed and why so? To help them have a proper understanding of what they have been billed for, the language used on the hotel invoice has to be clear and concise.

Here are a couple of reasons why hotel billing is an important part of the hospitality sector:

  • It can be used to organize payments
  • It may be used to outline a log of outstanding debts from clients
  • The bookkeeping process is simplified by using well formatted hotel invoices
  • A hotel invoice records all the purchases made of the customers
  • Using a hotel invoice, the hotel management can tell which reservations have been made and for what dates
  • Itemizes the services and amenities available to each guest.

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