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Having a professional catering invoice template not only makes the job easier, but it also looks impressive to your client. If you want your catering business to look professional, it is time that you keep a catering invoice template ready with you.

What Is a Catering Invoice?

A catering invoice is used to bill your clients for the catering services you provided. It describes the charges that your client owes you. With the use of a catering invoice, caterers make sure that the clients can pay the dues on time and the clients can understand the pricing transparently.

The main thing about the catering business is that you need to work with a lot of different clients and many different types of events. Therefore, you often need changes in the invoice templates as the same one won’t do.

This is why the customizable catering invoice template offered by WeInvoice is chosen by all the successful caterers out there.

Why Use a Catering Invoice?

Using a catering invoice is not a matter of choice, it is actually more of a necessity. Here are some of the reasons that make the catering invoice vital:

Billing the client: The main reason for using a catering invoice is that you share with your client how much money is due. Giving rough estimates orally is never a good idea as you will keep chasing after your client for payment. A catering invoice lays out everything very clearly.

Clarifying the dues: Catering business involves a lot of dues in terms of services performed, and many for the products that have been purchased. The invoice you provide your client should detail what amount is due for what purpose

Record Keeping: If you work for a client regularly, catering invoices help in record-keeping purposes. You can track which payment is made for which invoice, and which one is pending. You can also keep track of due dates with the invoice.

Tax Purpose: Catering invoices can also be used during tax filing. These might come in handy to save you some tax here and there. WeInvoice’s catering invoice templates are perfect for the purpose.

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What Information Is Included in a Catering Invoice?

The catering invoice templates provided here can be modified to suit your needs. In general, the components of a catering invoice are:

Catering business information: The invoice should contain the name and address of the catering business which is creating the invoice.

Client Information: The invoice should include the name and address of the client. If you are providing services to a company, you can state the company name too.

Description of Service: The invoice should mention the services for which you are billing your client. If there are multiple services you provided or multiple instances of the same service, you can mention each of them individually.

Date of Issue: There should be a breakdown of the products and services that you provided to the client. It is better to list these costs separately so that the client understands which payment is for which thing. The amount due for each product/service should be listed next to it.

Amount Due: The invoice should contain the total amount as well as any taxes (if applicable). Based on that, a gross total amount that is due should be listed. If you are providing any discount to the client, you can mention it on the invoice itself.

There can be many other fields if you feel that your invoice needs more information. For example, if you provided any catering labor on an hourly basis, you can give a mention of that amount based on the work-hours done.


If you want to create a catering invoice, there is no better way to do it than by using WeInvoice. You can use a template suggested by WeInvoice, or create your own customized invoice here.

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