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Contracting jobs are your strength, but how are your accounting skills? There’s an easy way to handle your business’ finances without paying someone else to do it. It all starts with making sure your clients pay. Download the WeInvoice labor bill format for free, and bookkeeping will be easier than you may think.

What is a Contract Labor Invoice?

As a contractor, you have a high level of independence and flexibility in setting your schedule and handling your business. Still, since you cannot always count on a steady cash flow, it’s crucial to get paid as soon as possible for the completed projects. You can get these by using an efficient labor bill format.

The contract labor invoice is the official notice you send your client to let them know the total cost of the project you completed for them. It also shows them the payment methods and the due date, so they have all the information they need to send the money.

Labor invoices ensure good communication with your client, which is essential when handling complex projects for them. Using a labor invoice template, you can show them precisely the cost of every service performed and every material used. That way, you avoid misunderstandings, and the client knows they are paying the right amount for the job you have accomplished.

On the other hand, the labor invoice is also essential in keeping track of your transactions and monitoring the payments you need to receive. Not to mention you will need all these labor invoices when it’s tax season.

Types of Contract Labor Invoices

Contractors have various types of clients, and every project is different and comes with particular characteristics and challenges. To be sure you are correctly paid for every service you provide, you need your labor invoices to be as specific as possible.

Some clients only need one particular project completed, while with others, you need a long-term commitment. Either way, their basic needs are the same, having the job completed successfully and being served with a labor invoice that details every step of the project.

To help you organize your business easier, many types of labor invoices are available:

  • Standard invoice
  • Recurring invoice
  • Prepayment invoice
  • Time-based invoice
  • Credit invoice
  • Debit invoice
  • Mixed invoice
  • The good news is you can find an invoice template for contract work for every type of project you are working on. That way, you can cover all the relevant aspects and create a document that’s efficient both for you and your client.

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Design your own business invoice and add as many customizations as you need in your invoice. Improve the efficiency of your business by using a quick and easy invoice generator service from WeInvoice.

What Are the Key Elements in a Contract Labor Invoice?

As a contractor, you know very well how many important aspects are involved in every project. And to receive full payment for all your efforts, you must use a labor bill format that includes all the relevant information.

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire an accountant to handle your billing, as long as you create your invoices using the right invoice template for contract work. If you aren’t sure your invoice has all the essential elements, here is the list to check it against:

  • Your business’ branding details
  • Your company’s name and contact information
  • The client’s name and contact information
  • The unique number you have assigned to the invoice
  • Your labor invoice’s issue and due dates
  • The detailed list of services and materials used and the individual price
  • The total amount due
  • The accepted payment methods
  • Any additional information you consider relevant

If your bill of labor template covers all these aspects, you will have no problem receiving correct payments. To save even more time, you can send the labor invoice by email if the client agrees.


There’s no doubt you have to face many challenges as a contractor, and keeping a firm grip on everything isn’t always easy. But there is one aspect you can easily handle and leave more time for the rest: your billing.

With an efficient labor bill format like the one provided by WeInvoice, issuing accurate bills will be effortless. And if you need to customize your documents, even more, check out the handy invoice generators on the website. No more spending money on an accountant; invoicing is now one more thing you can handle yourself.

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