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To make sure you have a neat and properly drafted invoice that suits you, free rent invoice templates can be downloaded from WeInvoice in various formats; .DOC, .PDF, .XLS, Google Docs and Google Sheets. You can also create free custom rental invoices online. Browse and download rental invoices in our gallery now.

What Is a Rental Invoice?

A rental invoice is an official document issued by a landlord requesting rent. it is usual monthly but could vary, depending on the agreement between a landlord and a tenant. It is a statement of transaction which is used for tax and legal purposes.

a rental invoice covers rent and, as the case may be, other charges that may include water, electricity and other utilities.

What Should a Rental Invic Include?

A typical rent invoice would contain certain elements. Here is what should be included when carrying out rent invoicing.

Landlord's Details

An invoice being a statement of transaction should have the details of the landlord which include name, address, phone number and email address

Tenant's Details

The tenant, on the other end of the transaction, is the one being charged and therefore should have his/her details written on the invoice. The name, address and contact details of the tenant should appear on the invoice.

Invoice Number

This is a very important element which should be clearly displayed on an invoice. every invoice you issue should have its own unique number for accounting purposes.

Property Address

the address of the property on which the rent is being demanded should also feature. in most cases, it is the same address written in the tenants details.


This lists out what the tenant is being charged for, usually rent for a specified period and any other utility charges

The rent and other utilities make up a subtotal. This is then followed by any extra fee (discount, taxes etc). The total amount due is then displayed boldly at the bottom


This is usually included to write any relevant note such as terms, due payment date etc.

Where Is a Rental Invoice Used?

A rental invoice is issued by a rental agency in charge of a property or the landlord renting out a property, as the case may be. It is used to request rent payment from the tenant occupying the property.

Types of Rental Invoice

Properties and tenants are of different types, so are the rental invoices that suit them. WeInvoice has made to match invoice templates that suit the various purposes. Depending on the purpose, rental invoice may be any of the following

  • Apartment rental
  • Equipment rental
  • Event space rental

Must-know Rental Invoicing Tips

Since the purpose of any invoice is getting paid, here are some tips that can help with that. They are tips worth noting when creating your rental invoice.

  • Make it simple and concise. Make it attractive, clear and easy to digest.
  • Keep a schedule and send out invoice on a set date
  • If you are dealing with late payments, send a reminder invoice
  • Add a personal touch; a small gesture can make a difference.
  • Write clear terms and payment instructions.

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