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If you’re in the delivery business, you know how much your clients rely on you. Make sure you get more than gratitude; get paid in full and without delays by sending an efficient and professional looking courier receipt. Download the free delivery invoice template from WeInvoice and start billing more productively.

What Is a Courier Invoice?

A courier invoice, or delivery invoice, is the document that courier services use to bill their clients. It’s the written proof that the delivery was completed, and it mentions all the details and charges. The client can use that transport receipt to make the payment.

Basically, the transportation invoice is a collection tool. It helps you ensure that all the due revenue will enter your accounts. By offering all the relevant details that identify the delivery, and the payment methods and deadlines, you speed up the process of being reimbursed for your services.

Invoices are essential for many types of businesses, as they ensure correct payment from the clients. For courier services, this element is even more important because of the high work volume. With so many deliveries handled every day, it’s crucial to keep track of the amounts you need to receive and make sure no delivery remains unpaid.

The courier receipt is also a vital accounting element. It helps you track all the payments you are about to receive, as well as the ones that are already overdue. Invoices are also essential when it’s time to do the taxes and for your financial files' overall organization. That’s why it needs to be issued carefully, preferably with a delivery invoice template.

Who Needs to Use a Courier Invoice?

Courier services can be quite diverse, but billing the clients is essential for all of them, and the delivery invoice is the easiest way. When you invoice delivery services, you send a formal notification on the amounts due. Hence, it’s a simple and efficient way of keeping good communication with your clients and at the same time receiving payments on time.

A transportation invoice created using a delivery receipt template is handy for all types of courier services. Whether you deliver documents, food, any type of packages, and even groceries, the system is the same. You provide delivery services, then include the information in a courier receipt, send it to the client, and get paid.

To see precisely how your business would benefit from using this billing method, here are the advantages the delivery invoice brings:

  • It helps you organize your financial information
  • You can monitor your clients’ payments
  • It helps you avoid delayed payments
  • It’s essential for filing taxes
  • You can easily manage your debtors
  • It gives a full and accurate description of the services you provided
  • It’s handy for bookkeeping purposes

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Design your own business invoice and add as many customizations as you need in your invoice. Improve the efficiency of your business by using a quick and easy invoice generator service from WeInvoice.

What to Include in a Courier Invoice?

It’s not at all difficult to invoice delivery services, as long as you use an efficient transport invoice template. If you include all the relevant information, clearly identify the invoice and track it once you send it to the client, you will get paid much easier. And you can do it all without an experienced accountant.

All you need to do is download a good shipping receipt template and make sure the following elements are included:

  • Your company’s name and contact information
  • Branding elements, like a logo
  • The client’s name and contact information
  • The unique number you have assigned to the invoice
  • The delivery invoice’s issue and due dates
  • The delivery invoice’s issue and due dates
  • A detailed list describing the courier services you have provided, and the individual cost for each parcel
  • The total amount due
  • Payment terms and accepted methods
  • Privacy policy or other relevant information

It’s essential to provide precise details for each delivery. Given the vast work volume, mistakes or misunderstandings can happen. But if every courier receipt is carefully written and accurate, you can easily identify the cost for every transport and sort the matter out.


Fast and correct payments are important for any business, but it's crucial when you handle deliveries. Courier services have many costs to cover to keep their business running, so overdue payments can become a severe matter. One of the easiest ways to prevent that is by making sure you invoice delivery services as efficiently as possible. If you offer all the relevant information, the client is less likely to delay the payment.

To issue an accurate courier receipt, try the WeInvoice delivery invoice template. You can download it for free from the website and also take a look at the other templates and invoice generators available. You’ll find they are all efficient and user-friendly, ideal for any business.

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