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In the trucking business, time is money. The last thing you need is to bury yourself in paperwork. Get paid regularly and keep the cash rolling with the free trucking invoice template from WeInvoice. Get professional and efficient invoices in no time so you can get back behind the wheel.

What Is a Trucking Invoice?

The trucking invoice is the document that ensures you receive payment for your transport services. It’s the paper you officially send to your clients, mentioning every service you have provided, along with detailed costs and payment terms.

Invoices are an essential part of any commercial activity, as they connect a business and its clients. Every service provided needs to be remunerated accordingly to keep the business going.

For a trucking company, getting paid on time is even more important, as many routine expenses add up quickly and cannot be postponed. You need to pay your drivers on time, cover the maintenance costs for your trucks, and invest in developing your company and finding more clients. For all that to run smoothly, you need efficient invoices. That’s why trucking invoice templates can be extremely helpful.

Why Should Trucking Companies Send Professional Invoices?

Trucking is a serious business, involving a lot of money, so it’s essential to show your clients they are dealing with a dependable professional. You cannot send that message with a simple and incomplete invoice; that tells them you aren’t paying enough attention to critical parts of your business.

If you want clients to trust you with their merchandise, you need to have a spotless professional image. One of the main ways to achieve that is by issuing a bulletproof trucking invoice.

An efficient trucking invoice template can make a huge difference, especially for a small trucking business, when getting paid on time is even more important. But the fact is using quality freight invoice templates brings even more benefits. If you haven’t used them for your business yet, here is how they can improve your activity:

  • Trucking invoices keep a strict record of your transactions
  • It’s easier for you to keep track of every client’s charges and the payments they made or still have pending
  • You can make sure you won’t overlook any due dates
  • If there are any missed deadlines, you can handle them before the debt becomes a bigger problem
  • A trucking company invoice template helps you monitor the debts
  • All the relevant details will be kept for tax time
  • Every detail of the services you provide is recorded
  • Bookkeeping is easier and more organized
  • Being on the road and getting to the destination on time is essential when you have a trucking business. But the financial part is equally important, and you need to make sure things don’t get out of hand. That means receiving payments on time and keeping all the financial information well organized. A well-drafted transportation invoice template can help you with that.

    Another essential reason trucking companies should send professional invoices is that it improves their image and presents them as professionals. When you use a trucking invoice template, the resulting document can help you gain the client’s trust, getting you ahead of your competition. In a tough market like that of road transport, it’s essential to stand out in a positive way.

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What Information Should Be Included in a Trucking Invoice?

An efficient trucking invoice template will ensure you include all the relevant information in the document you are issuing. It will also be customizable, so you can add a personal touch and leave a positive visual impression on your client. To make sure the trucking invoice you are about to send is efficient, here are the elements that need to be present:

  • The name of your company and the contact information
  • Branding elements or a logo can help the trucking invoice stand out
  • Information on the client: name or business name, and contact information
  • The unique invoice number you have issued to identify the document
  • The invoice’s issue date and when it’s due
  • A full and detailed list of the services you have provided for the client and the individual costs
  • The total cost must be added at the bottom
  • All trucking invoices need to include payment terms and other relevant information

Once all these fields are completed, your trucking company invoice is ready to be sent by email or however you see fit.


Clients usually appreciate a carefully written invoice; it lets them know they are collaborating with a serious company. If you’re in the trucking business, you know how important it is to maintain your connections and keep your clients happy. A trucking invoice template can help you issue professional and efficient documents and keep close track of your transactions.

The best part is you don’t even have to hire an accountant, not if you use a top-quality trucking company invoice template like the one created by WeInvoice. A quick look on the website will show you a wide variety of invoice templates, as well as invoice generators that can truly make your job a lot easier.

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