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Taking care of children is both challenging and rewarding. But it definitely takes up most of your effort and attention. Still, bookkeeping is also important. To make it easier, download the child care invoice template from WeInvoice for free and keep your finances under control.

What Is a Daycare Invoice?

The daycare invoice is the document you need to issue once a month for every parent who entrusts you with their child while they are at work. It’s the paper that tells them exactly how much they need to pay you and when is the due date.

Running a daycare is not an easy undertaking. You are responsible for the well-being and safety of the children left in your care. Not only do you have to connect with each child individually, but you also need to earn the parents’ trust. They need to see that you are providing professional services, and you are trustworthy and dependable.

The childcare invoice is the paper that shows your clients you are organized and know every aspect of your business perfectly. It helps them pay the charges easily, and at the same time, it is essential for bookkeeping purposes. Billing clients is crucial in any business, and daycares are no exception.

Why Is a Daycare Invoice Important?

This business doesn’t involve exchanging a lot of documents with your clients; the child care invoice is one of the few you need to provide. That means it’s even more important to make it stand out, as it will help you create and maintain a professional image.

Apart from impressing your clients, it’s equally important to manage your accounting well. With a daycare facility, you will basically need a separate account for every family, and you will have to keep all the due amounts and the payments updated. At some point, that can become challenging. That’s why you need a tool like the daycare receipt template to help you issue accurate invoices.

Through a house cleaning invoice, you can explain better the various things for which you are charging them the money. A professional invoice also goes a long way for bookkeeping and tax filing purposes.

It’s not all about your bookkeeping; the daycare invoice is essential for the parents as well, especially if their employer or another institution will reimburse these expenses. Many parents rely on child care benefits to pay at least part of the bill. In such cases, it’s even more important for the daycare bill to be complete and accurate. And using an efficient child care receipt template can help you with that.

On top of that, every daycare invoice you issue will be crucial when it’s tax time. That’s one more reason to make sure you create them correctly. The more accurate your daycare invoice template is, the easier it is for you to keep track of the payments, especially the overdue ones.

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What to Include in a Daycare Invoice?

The daycare invoice is a quite straightforward document, as the services you provide are pretty constant every month and usually the same for all the children in your care. Still, for all the reasons we mentioned above, it’s crucial to issue it correctly. If you don’t have an accountant and handle the billing yourself, a daycare receipt template is extremely useful.

To make sure your child care invoice is complete, here are the mandatory elements to include:

  • Your company’s branding details, like a logo or particular colors
  • Your name and your company’s name and contact information
  • A detailed list of the child care services you provide, with individual costs
  • The family’s name and contact information
  • The total amount due
  • The payment methods they can use
  • The number of the invoice and the due date
  • Relevant mentions like privacy or refund policies

One of the advantages of using a child care invoice template is that you can customize the invoice to your particular needs. And once it looks right, you can easily print it or send it in an email.


Running a daycare, you have the professional satisfaction of providing essential services and allowing parents to go to work knowing their children are safe and well cared for. But financial satisfaction also matters so you can keep your business running and growing. That means you need to be paid regularly.

To avoid any delays or misunderstandings, bill your clients using the daycare receipt template from WeInvoice. One quick look at the website will reveal many user-friendly templates, as well as the handy invoice generators that can help you handle your finances easier.

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