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A construction invoice has several components that you should always include. Download a free invoice template from WeInvoice and use it freely for your construction business. Customize this template in any way you want and add your company logo to it.

What Is a Construction Invoice?

If you own a construction business, you must realize that billing your clients properly is an important part of the process. There are many big and small charges, and you wouldn’t want to miss including any.

At the same time, your client should also feel that they understand the reason for every significant charge. This is why a construction invoice is sent by a construction business owner to the client they are working for.

Why Do You Need a Construction Invoice?

A construction invoice is quite important for any construction project you have taken for a client. Some of the important reasons to use a construction invoice include:

Requesting Payments: The most primary reason for a construction invoice is requesting payment from a client. Asking for payments orally is never a good idea as there is no written proof of it. Through an invoice, you document that you have asked for a particular payment from a client.

Record Keeping: A construction invoice is also used for record-keeping purposes. You and your client can know when a particular payment was made and why it was made.

Providing Billed Items: Your client might wonder why you have billed them an X amount for a project that seems to cost less. Through a construction invoice, you can clearly state the item for which you are billing your client, keeping the process transparent and confusion-free.

Tax Write-offs: Construction invoice is used for tax filing and making tax write-offs. In certain cases, you can also claim tax credits on the basis of construction invoices.

Tracking Due Dates: No one likes to chase their clients for tracking pending payments. Through a construction invoice, you can mention the due date for the payment you are requesting.

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What Should Be Included in a Construction Invoice?

A construction invoice can have many components based on what type of services you are providing to your client. Some of the general elements of a construction invoice include:

Client information: State the name and address of the client to whom you are billing.

Your Company Information: The invoice should also have your company’s name and address too. If you are an independent contractor without a company name, the invoice can have your own name.

Billed Items: The invoice should individually state the products and services for which you are billing. Clients appreciate clarity over anything else, so you should tell them the reason for the charges you are making. This should include services as well as purchased products.

Amount Due: The invoice should have the amount for every billed service or product, and the total amount. If there are any taxes applicable that the client needs to pay you, the invoice should mention it as well.

Date of Issue: It is important to mention the date on which you are issuing the invoice. This is useful for later referencing as well as for tracking due dates.

Invoice Number: Invoice number is also another useful thing for referencing purposes. It helps in organizing invoices with your client in a better way.


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