How to Make an Invoice on Excel

As a small business owner or freelancer, creating an invoice shouldn’t take a back seat to your business protocol, because it is equally as important as churning out sterling deliverables. There are four ways through which you can create an invoice on Microsoft Excel, one of which is using an excel invoice template. This article highlights all the options available to you.

Below, we’ll cover:

  • Finding Free Microsoft Excel Invoice Templates
  • How to Create Invoices in Excel from Scratch?
  • How to Generate Invoices from an Excel Template (Windows)?
  • How to Do an Invoice from an Excel Template (Mac)?

Finding Free Microsoft Excel Invoice Templates

Are you roaming the internet for tips on how to make an invoice on excel? Taking advantage of WeInvoice Excel invoice templates may be your best bet at producing a professional-looking invoice to your client. Most importantly, it is free and comes at no cost.

WeInvoice’s amazing invoice generators have creative and flexible tools to incorporate as many fields and information as you may need.

How to Create Invoices in Excel from Scratch?

Creating an invoice from scratch is usually tricky and tedious but with the right guidance you should be able to draft one with ease. Here’s how to create invoice in Excel from scratch:

Launch Microsoft Excel

Open your Microsoft Excel package and click ‘blank workbook’ on the upper left side of the home page. For Mac users, skip this step if a blank document opens automatically.

Create invoice

In creating your invoice, begin by producing a heading. The heading should contain the name of your company or brand, description, date and invoice number. For the invoice number, you can choose to pick individual numbers for each of your clients or opt for a global numbering system instead.

Enter addresses for sender and recipient

At the top of the invoice, enter your information and that of your client. For your client, include company name, client address, phone number, email address and account name of payable person

Your contact information should include name, phone number, email and company addresses.

Enter your billing information

Enter your billing information on different sets of columns. This billing information includes a description of the product or service rendered, quantity of products, price rate and the total sum payable for each item sold or service rendered.

Enter payment terms

Fill in the terms of payment either above or below the billing information provided. Common captions for payment terms include ‘Due within 30 days’ and ‘Due on receipt.’

Other details this section may cover include accepted payment methods and an appreciation message for your customer(s).

Save invoice

Finally, save the work done. To distinguish the invoice from others you may have made in the past or may make in the future, you might name the file after your client or their company name.

To do this on Windows – Click File on the toolbar, followed by Save As. This should open a dialog box within which you can choose the location the file should be saved.

How to Generate Invoices from an Excel Template (Windows)?

Businesses can take advantage of the several customizable Microsoft Excel invoice templates available on the Microsoft Excel to give their business invoicing a more professional overlook. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your custom invoice sheet from MS excel invoice template:

Open Microsoft Excel

The first step to drafting an invoice from a Microsoft excel invoice template is to launch the Microsoft Excel on your device.

Search for Invoice template

Once opened, proceed to search for the available invoice templates. To do this, go to the search bar located at the top of the window and enter the word ‘invoice’. This should give you access to the gallery of invoice templates available on the spreadsheet program.

Open invoice template

Peruse through the template gallery and select one that best suits your needs. There are different types of templates available on Microsoft Excel You can preview each of the available templates by clicking on them.

Customize invoice

Once you decide on what template to work with, click on it and hit the ‘create’ button to open up the template on a new window. Then, edit the invoice to include project details like logo, business contact information, contact details of client, invoice number, payment due date, services listed with brief description, payment terms, payment method and total amount due.

Save changes to invoice

After customizing the invoice to reflect all important details, save the document to your local device in .xls format. You also have the option of saving it in pdf format.

Forward invoice to recipient

Finally, send a complete invoice to your client via email. The email attachment (invoice) should come with an introductory note containing important details like your brand name, invoice due date and the total amount owed.

How to Do an Invoice from an Excel Template (Mac)?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an invoice on Excel from Excel template on Mac.

  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Click file followed by ‘New from template.’
  • Type invoice into the search bar and press enter. Note that you must be connected to the internet for any template library to show up
  • Select the invoice excel template you are most comfortable with and click to access a preview window
  • Hit the ‘Open’ button on the preview window to open the invoice template in a new document
  • Customize the template to suit your needs and that of your client. To edit the text item on the template, double click the text field and replace with your text.
  • Fill out your invoice with the necessary information to ensure that the final total computed on the spreadsheet program reflects the total money owed. Some invoice templates may contain fields for you to input your hourly or fixed rate. After filling these fields, the sheet automatically computes your final total based on preset formulas used to code the sheets.

Although with this guide, you should be able to create your custom invoice excel from scratch easy-peasy, editing a customizable template is an easier route to go. WeInvoice has a rich library of customizable excel invoice templates for your basic and advanced needs. It’s invoice generator is also loaded with lots of features to help you create that custom professional-looking invoice.