How to Design an Invoice?

Regardless of whether you are a self-employed individual or a small-business owner, you need an effective way to bill your clients that gets you paid. An invoice accomplishes this purpose and more.

However, creating an invoice is a tricky task since it needs to be professional to include all the details that are necessary for an invoice. Keep reading to learn how to design an invoice online:

What Is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document that lists the products and services that the seller-provided to the buyer, along with the amount due for these accordingly. It not only conveys the amount due to the client but also details the terms of the payment, such as how the client should pay you.

How to Design an Invoice?

To design an invoice for your business, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the right template

First things first, to design an invoice for your business, you need to have the right invoice template. You can browse through all the available invoice templates at WeInvoice and download the one that matches the ideal invoice template in your head, entirely free.

Step 2: Make the best use of your branding

Branding is an important part of designing an invoice. The invoice should mention your company name. If you have a business logo, it is a good practice to use that logo on the invoice itself.

Step 3: Choose the right fonts

Many people make the mistake of making the invoice too fancy to make it seem attractive. This reduces the readability and appeal of the invoice tremendously.

keep your invoices simple and sharp, focussing on the readability factor. Choose the right fonts which are simple and professional, instead of something that seems ‘cool’.

Step 4: Add a reference number

Having a reference number (or invoice number) on the invoice is quite important because it helps in organizing the invoices as well as referring to the invoice in any communication with the client.

Step 5: Outline payment terms clearly

The primary purpose of the invoice is to get paid for the goods or services provided. Therefore, the invoice should state how you can get paid, along with any terms of payment.

What Does a Professional Invoice Look Like?

In general, a professional invoice must include the following components:

  • Personal Information: Your company name, address, phone number, email address, and logo.
  • Client Information: Your client’s name, address, and contact number.
  • Date of Issue: Adding a unique invoice number to every invoice is important for tracking payments.
  • Description of Service: List every product and service that you make for your client, along with the payment for each of them. Your client should be clear on why they are paying you for the amount you are seeking.
  • Amount Due: The subtotal of the goods and products you have provided, plus any applicable taxes minus any discounts.
  • Payment Method: List the methods of payment that you accept.


To make sure that your clients feel you are running a successful and professional business, it is time you design a professionally crafted invoice template for yourself. Download the free invoice template from WeInvoice. Design the invoice and use it consistently to let your clients know that you value professionalism over anything else.