Invoice for Services

Have you provided a service to a client and you are looking forward to getting paid? Invoice for services rendered is something that most business owners and contractors require for regular use. Creating these invoices does not have to be difficult, especially when there is a service invoice template available for free download.

WeInvoice’s professional service invoice templates can be downloaded and edited based on requirements. These templates are available in a format of your choosing, including PDF, Doc, Xls, Cloud, and more. Read below to learn more about the invoice for services and find out how to create one:

What Is a Service Invoice?

A service invoice is a bill usually sent by small businesses to clients for requesting payment for a service that is performed. The service industry is based on collecting payments from the clients for the labor or sales that they have performed.

If you own a service-based business, it is important to make sure that your client feels you are completely professional in your dealing. For this purpose, using a professional invoice for services is the ideal way to bill your client.

What Is a Service-Based Business?

A service-based business is a business in which the clients purchase the services of the business. This is different from a product-based business in which the customers purchase a tangible product from the business.

For example, plumbing is a service-based business while hardware sellers are a product-based business. This is because of hiring a plumber, the customer is purchasing the plumber’s services and time. Businesses such as IT consultancy, lawyers, and marketers are other common examples of service-based businesses.

Service-based businesses place special emphasis on the business-client relationship, more than any other form of business. This is because, in a service-based business, direct interaction of the client and the business is taking place.

How to Create a Service Invoice?

To create a service invoice, all you need is to download a free template from WeInvoice. Once you have the template, you can edit and design any information you want to add to the invoice.

In general, it is recommended to provide these elements in your service invoice:

  • Business Information: Your business name, address, contact number, and company logo.
  • Client Information:Your client’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Date of Issue:This is useful for defining the due date of the invoice.
  • Invoice Number: It is like a reference number for the invoice.
  • Description of Service:List the services that you have provided to your client. In case you are providing regular services to the client, you can also add the billing period for which you are listing the service.
  • Amount Due: Provide a total amount due by adding the taxes and deducting any refunds and discounts.
  • Payment Method:Provide the channel through which the client can pay you, such as cash, cheque, PayPal, etc.


The high-quality service that you provide to your client must be complemented with professional invoices. Your clients should understand at the first glance what you are billing them for, without any doubts or criticism in their mind.

WeInvoice’s service invoice template is the perfect tool for the job. Download this template and use it whenever you wish to bill your client. This template is available in a format of your choosing to keep things convenient for you. There are many other invoice templates available, based on your requirements. Try WeInvoice today!