How to Write a Great Invoice Letter?

As a business, do you want to get paid quickly? One effective way to do so is by writing a winning and kickass invoice letter to your client and sending it with your invoice. If you think that’s a great idea, here is how to write an excellent invoice letter.

Below, we’ll cover:

  • How to Write a Great Invoice Letter?
  • How Can You Benefit from a Winning Invoice Letter?

How to Write a Great Invoice Letter?

The format of an invoice letter is nearly the same as the format of a formal business letter.

Have a business letter template

To make your letter look formal, choose a business letter template. Alternatively, any blank document will do too. Open the template in your word processing software to get started. 

Start with the address

Once you have a template or blank document ready, the first thing to mention on top is your company’s name, full address, including pin code aligned to the left side of the letter. 

If you are using a letterhead, you can skip this. 

Add the date

After adding the name and full address, leave a blank line and add the date on which the invoice is written in the format of month, date, and year. 

Add the recipient address

Now, leave a blank line again and then write your client’s information starting with the client’s name, company’s name, and complete address, including pin code. 

Add the salutation

Better writing the body of the letter, add the salutation. You can address the recipient with his/her full name or choose to add a personal title before their name like dear, respected, etc. 

Body of the letter

Start the body of the letter by including a friendly opening like Hoping you are doing well. Then get straight to the point mentioning your order has been shipped. Please find the attached invoice. 

You can further highlight the payment terms and details by saying, please send payment via direct transfer or please try sending the full amount by (due date) and so on. 

End the letter's body by mentioning the name of the person the recipient can contact in case of need. Also, add a friendly sentence like it was a pleasure working with you. We hope to keep working for you in the future etc. 

Finally, in the end, mention Regards and your name below it. You can also end it with a Thank You with your name below it. 

Number of attachments

You can also mention the number of attachments/ enclosures at the end, like Enclosures: 2 or Enclosures: (writing the name of each attachment).

How Can You Benefit from a Winning Invoice Letter?

Will adding an invoice letter to your invoice benefit you in any way? Will it provide any benefit in receiving payments faster? 

Here are the answers:

Provides double assurance

An invoice letter acts as a backup assurance such that the invoice is attended to without getting misplaced or ignored for some reason. 

When an invoice is accompanied by an invoice letter, it reduces the chances of an invoice getting misplaced or not answered to. 

Faster payments

As an invoice letter highlights the invoice attached well, there are fewer chances of getting ignored, indirectly contributing to receiving faster payments. 

Acts as a reminder

As the body of the better mentions the terms of payment and due date, there are reduced chances that the recipient will provide late payment. 


1. How to write an invoice email?

Writing an invoice email is so much similar to writing an invoice letter. You can copy and paste invoice letter content into your email body. 

2. What are the tips on writing an invoice letter?

  • Don’t forget to proofread your invoice letter
  • Avoid making it fluffy. 
  • Make it short and simple
  • Avoid jargon and leave a line after every paragraph. 

So, are you all set to write an invoice letter? Don’t forget to explore invoice templates and sample invoice letters on WeInvoice. Simply, download, customize, and print the templates, and you are good to go.