Invoicing Resources

How To Recover a Past Due Invoice Professionally?

It is true that creating an invoice can help you get payments quickly. But sometimes, the invoice becomes overdue and the client is yet to honour it. Writing an overdue invoice letter to them could help you get your money. This article provides you with tips on how to write an effective overdue invoice letter.

A Stepwise Guide to Process an Invoice

This article provided you with a deeper insight into invoice processing, and how you can use WeInvoice to download invoice templates.

What Does FOB Mean on an Invoice?

If you're wondering 'what does FOB mean?', it marks the moment during transport when the goods become the buyer’s property and responsibility.

What Is a Payment Receipt?

Are you caught in the middle, trying so hard with no luck to figure out the difference between a receipt and an invoice? This article gives you answers to all your questions. As a plus, you get access to free invoice templates.